Patrick Droney

State of the Heart (Deluxe) First Edition Double Vinyl


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Release Date: Sept 17, 2021

Side 1:
State of the Heart
When The Lights Go Out
Talk About That
Yours in the Morning

Side 2:
Little by Little
The Wire
Nowhere Town
Guess That's Why I'm Calling
Where You Are

Side 3:
Right With You
Chasing You
On Your Way Home

Side 4:
Good Die Young
Rough Boy (feat. Billy F Gibbons)
Like The Water
Forgive Yourself

Started in response to the ongoing difficulties that artists, labels, and ultimately fans were experiencing when desiring new vinyl records GoGreen Records reimagined the record and how it is manufactured - preserving the rich analog sound, and comprehensive packaging - but reinventing the manufacturing process, and developing new, environmentally friendly raw materials. This vinyl was created using Green Vinyl Polymer: a 100% recyclable material in the PET family of plastics. LP jacket and inner sleeves also printed on 100% recycled materials and board using vegetable-based ink.

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